Dana’s Bad at Hiding Excitement(this weekend)

Awesome weekend. It started around 3 p.m. on Friday when I got off work and headed over to my friend’s room. I haven’t really gotten to hang out with him in five months, so it was a good time. We watched The Hunger Games

(my third viewing), and I was presented with a challenge:

I was not allowed to leave until I ate all the popcorn. Thankfully, I ate all of the popcorn before I had to go usher the ISU Theatre production of “Noises Off” with my friend Dana.

During the play, Dana was acting really weird. I figured she just didn’t like the play. Afterwards, we each had a slice of late-night Jeff’s pizza for dinner, and Dana revealed that she and Jackie would be writing “birthday songs” when she went back to her dorm. Later that night, I hung out with Nick and Sarah while they used Chatroulette, and managed to not get traumatized. It was a successful Friday.

Saturday was a lot of volunteering. You can read about that here: https://magslives.wordpress.com/2012/10/06/too-busy-to-blog/

I had a break partway through the day, so after I watched Cyclone football, I went over to my friend Jackie’s to deliver some leftover treats from a reception. Jackie is Dana’s roommate. Soon after I got there, my roommate Sarah showed up. Jackie sat us down on the futon and she and Dana started singing a song they wrote us. By wrote, I mean they used the music of Ingrid Michaelson’s “You and I” and wrote new words.

I need to jump back to last Saturday before I can continue with the song. Last Saturday Jackie and her boyfriend of a year, Collin, got engaged!

That’s the ring on Jackie’s hand, lovingly stolen from her Facebook page, where is got a modest 60 likes (so far). After they got engaged, they went about telling all of us in our friend group in different ways. There was much jumping up and down in excitement.

Now back to the song. It was really sweet and specific to Sarah and I in different way and it ended with Jackie asking us to be bridesmaids!!!

We said yes, of course! :D. There was much more jumping up and down in excitement, squealing, and a group hug that blocked the hallway by Dana and Jackie’s room for a little while.

Today I was in a joint traditional and contemporary worship service at Collegiate Presbyterian Church, and afterwards there was a congregation lunch with a hilarious political satire skit from the pastors.

I had a pretty good day at work, and now I actually have some free time. I’m going to do homework.

But first, a quote about marriage:

“Marriage is getting to have a sleepover with your best friend, every single night of the week.”
-Christie Cook

(This is all so cute! 😀 )


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