‘Frozen Faces’ (new poem)

Sometimes I try to forget the ugly things in this world: death, disease, war, destruction. I feel that I am not alone in this endeavor. However, every time I get close to a peaceful mind, the world finds a way to bring these things to the front of my thoughts.

This summer I took a class on Women’s Literature. It was enlightening and inspired me to begin writing poetry again, indirectly leading to my poem-a-day challenge. I had to read the poem “I Sit and Sew” by Alice Dunbar Nelson.


This poem is about a woman’s frustration with the futility of her housework while she is unable to aid soldiers in World War I.

The poem I’m about to share with you is my reaction to that poem. According to my notes, I wrote it on May 16, 2012.

Frozen Faces
by Maggie McGinity

Alas! What a waste:
Those souls quickly erased
By bullet or blast.
Transformed by another’s hand
To: a sad story,
A frozen face,
A call for glory,
And an empty space.”

I feel I must explain a bit. I do not believe souls are destroyed, merely moved. And I do not believe all these deaths are in vain. But often I wonder what the world would be without so much potential life, love, and learning lost.


“And I just can’t look. It’s killing me
And taking control.”
-“Mr. Brightside” by The Killers


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