‘Strangers I Know Well (oh, tragedy)’ (New Poem)

Changing things up, so quote first!

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different.”
-C.S. Lewis

And poem:

Strangers I Know Well (oh, tragedy)
By Maggie McGinity

These strangers, I know not
Their names
Their dreams or aims
Their goals and games

But I feel we are united
In wrong words righted,
Unified style,
And blunders blighted.

I know you’ve felt this, too.
The strangers that you knew.
They didn’t know your past or secrets
Hadn’t heard your pain and regrets
But they understood
Your paths were (are) one.
Neither bad nor good
Just due in damage done.

These strangers I know well
Herald a homebound Hell.
We know them more
Than we knew each other.
This ignorance boggles the mind.
I placed you before all others.

Oh, tragedy:
This silence seeping into me
These words we say so casually
Are casualties
Of lives which work so diligently
They cannot hold love
For anyone or anything
But their mandates from above.”


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