‘The End Game’ (new poem)

I’m a young adult, and I’m trying to become an actual adult. I find that my friends and I are stuck in the College section of the board of the Game of Life; we can’t make a move until we graduate.


We try to make sense of our life goals by talking about them. However, we can’t talk about our careers with each other because we have a variety of majors. If we tried to talk shop, we’d just confuse each other.

So most of us talk a lot about our plans to get the perfect life package:
*a nice house
*stable career
*good marriage
*2.5 kids
*one dog and one cat, to keep things fair and balanced

I feel a lot farther away from this than my friends are right now. I can’t say if that’s true or not; I have no way of knowing the future. But this poem is about the end game, the perfect life package, as well as my fear that once my friends and I each have our own, we’ll get so wrapped up in it we’ll lose touch with each other.

The End Game
by Maggie McGinity

A house
New name
Many names

Sharing wishes
Sharing pictures
Sharing pain

Catching up
Keeping up
Pulling ahead

Putting out
Putting up
Putting to bed

Never slept
Never sleep
No need

On repeat
No retreat
No way out

Never want a way out

The ties that bind
Don’t choke
But grow
In need and want and love
In, “I can’t remember my life before this,
I can’t imagine my life without this.
So blessed.”

We all want these tableaus
Of perfect life
Our future sons and daughters;
Us, soon husbands and wives

We assume it’s where we’re headed,
It’s the only way to go.
I cannot regret this.
I would die to get this.
But will I?
I don’t know.”

And quote:

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”
-Henry David Thoreau


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