Surviving the Drunk Bus/’Erased’ (new poem)

At Iowa State, we have the CyRide bus service which transports students for free. On Friday and Saturday nights from 10:30 p.m. to 3 a.m., CyRide offers the Moonlight Express service, commonly known as the “drunk bus” due to the high amount of partyers who ride it.

Tonight after ushering ISU Theatre’s production of “Candide”, which ended around 10:30 p.m., I decided to save my legs and catch the 11:02 drunk bus. Once I got on the bus, I remembered why I dislike these rides. So, here is my
Guide to Surviving the Drunk Bus/Being Sober on Saturday Night.

1. Listen to your iPod.
2. Read your book.
3. Ignore the drunk people.
4. When you get up to exit the bus at your stop, notice someone who is also leaving the bus at this stop has dropped his student ID. Return his ID to him. Feel like a hero.
*Student IDs are everything at ISU. They get us into our dorms, onto the bus, and store        our meals and Dining Dollars(money for snacks and other things at on-campus convenience stores) so we can eat food and stay alive.
5. Enter your dorm building through a door you’ve never used before. Find a magical room with vending machines which take Dining Dollars through your ID(a rare occurrence). Reward yourself for this discovery and your heroism by buying a candy bar.
6. Walk through all of Friley Hall on the third floor(your floor) until you find the west exit. Feel accomplished for having walked one of the country’s largest residence halls end to end.

7. On your way out the door, smile at the picnic bench where you found hope again.
8. Walk to your car parked at your church near campus. Move your car to the parking lot across the street so you won’t get a ticket.
9. Strut back to your dorm while listening to “Everybody Loves Me” by One Republic. You are mostly strutting because dance practices, walking all day, and standing exclusively on your left leg while practicing flute have left your hips very sore and unable to walk in a normal fashion.
10. Arrive home and greet your ever-loving bed.

Speaking of my ever-loving bed, I’ve been missing it lately. I’m at a peak of exhaustion. I’ve been getting ≤5 hours of sleep each night for the last week. I slept on the floor one night and on the couch another.

All day, through a football game and ushering, I’ve wanted to come home, curl up in bed, and pass out. I actually managed to get a nap today in between activities, but it wasn’t enough. I intend to take full advantage of my extra hour of sleep tonight (hurray Daylight Saving Time!).

Anyways, I wrote a poem about this wanting while I was waiting for the drunk bus to arrive. I toyed with an interesting rhyme structure in this one. Enjoy!

By Maggie McGinity

Oh, I want to hole up
Roll up in a ball
Fall in with the pillows
Billow with new charm

Arms around my torso
Doors, so locked and safe,
Cave in to the pressure
Lessons lost for being brave

Save me, now I’m drowning,
Clowning with my loss.
Cross my heart and hope to die,
I haven’t given up

Yup, this sure is foolish.
You’ll wish it wasn’t so.
Oh, but I want to curl up,
Twirl in your embrace,
Face the fact that this love
Of ours won’t be


“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best two cures for anything.”
-Irish proverb


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