‘Undead’ (new poem)

At ISU, we make light of possible zombie apocalypses by playing games which secretly allow us to practice for them.

Some people are “humans,” they wear red bandannas or headbands or armbands; some people are “zombies,” and they wear green. Zombies try to turn humans into zombies by tagging them. Humans carry socks or foam weapons covered with really big socks. When a zombie is hit by a sock, it is stunned for 10 seconds, usually allowing the human to get away. After those 10 seconds are up, the zombie has 10 seconds of immunity in which it cannot be stunned by sock. Human-to-zombie conversions can only happen outside on campus.

The game started last week. I joined today, but as a zombie; it’s too late to join as a human. I’m friends with the Alpha Zombie, and while I was eating lunch he convinced me to join the Horde and gave me a green headband. I haven’t converted anyone yet, but I did manage to stop a human from crossing the street.

This game inspired my poem for today. I was thinking about how often I hang out with humans who act like zombies. A lot of people I know and have known act like zombies when playing video games, especially me during my middle summer of high school. I sometimes act like a zombie when I’m super-exhausted. I also have a liking of people (or just one specific person, I guess) who dress up like undead versions of things, around Halloween time when it’s normal to do such things.

Anyways, here is my zombie-ish poem. Enjoy!

By Maggie McGinity

Fake blood,
Bright lights,
Dark night,
I can see it.

Loud beats,
Left feet,
Can you believe it?

Quick glance:
Fat chance.
One dance?
I wonder

If five words
Could reverse
This curse
I am under.”

And quote:

“When you’re dead, everything in the world is like a song that makes you cry.”
-Adam Selzer


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