‘Forget-Me-Not’ (new poem)

Did you know that flowers have meanings? I did :). My friends and I were discussing this at dinner. For example, red roses mean passion, while yellow mean friendship, and white mean purity. We couldn’t quite discern what the yellow-with-pink-ends roses Jackie got for Valentine’s Day meant.

Anyways, I’ve been remembering a lot of things today, so today my flower is the forget-me-not.


Forget-me-nots’ meaning is obvious by their name, but I’ll tell you anyways: “Remember me forever.” I’m actually try to grow some forget-me-nots I bought in a kit at Target back in February. It’s not going that well; dorms aren’t conducive to growth, at least not growth of plant life. Anyways, they and I are the same today, and thus I wrote a poem about them. Enjoy!

By Maggie McGinity

I woke up this morning
How I woke up that morning
Two plus two plus two
Plus two
Months ago

I woke up early
Comfortable, but lost,
How I ever fell asleep

Remember waking to watch
The walk away
I remember a door closing
In my face
I rewind, take my time,
With the quick chase
I remember moments
I want to retrace

I spent today in a panic
Until I remembered
Five is not six
Couldn’t believe how quick
I’d spent two sad days for each happy
Two broken for one whole
Two abandoned for one role

All this time
You know nothing of
My life, my wants,
My day-to-day.
But did you remember

Sudden and sometimes
I remember
So wonderful.
And I wonder:
Do you remember,

And quote:

“But the thing about remembering is that you don’t forget.”
-Tim O’Brien


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