‘Homesick Time’ (new poem)

This post will be confusing, a mix of dark and light, angry and happy. Just like my life. Enjoy!

Homesick Time
By Maggie McGinity

When you sing of love
Is it me, or her?
Am I what’s missing from your life
Or just filler?

God bless this mess
For I cannot
Little words, deeds
Invade my thoughts

You don’t know how cliche
How painfully the same
For me to pine away
While you call me another girl’s name.

I would love to give you
The benefit of the doubt.
If you hear me
I’ll hear you out

Know that you’ll never
Stop my voice
You took your chance
I’ve made my choice

But unlike you
In your homesick time
There always was
There always is
Only one name on my mind”

And quote:

“Ah, home/Let me come home/Home is wherever I’m with you.”
-“Home,” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

And pretty picture:


2 thoughts on “‘Homesick Time’ (new poem)

  1. Every time I read your poems my mind kind if sets them to music. This one in my head sounded perfect with acoustic guitar and/or piano.

    • I do write a lot of songs, so I tend to write my poems that way as well. I’m thinking of expanding this 2 weeks of poem-a-days to a month, and then doing a month where I post a new song each day.

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