‘The Knot’ (new poem)

This is not what you think it will be. This is not my history.

“The Knot
by Maggie McGinity

One day
The knot in my stomach
May grow
Into something

But today
The knot in my stomach
Is heavy,
A cannonball,
A free-for-all,
A stopper in my head.

The butterflies are rarely found.
When there, just flutter around
This heavy thing
Away at me.

I didn’t know the horror.
Hadn’t heard the stories,
Just whispers of honor,
Mumbles of glory.

Those old textbooks
Took maybe one look
Then carried us away
A single song
Could tell me more
Than all they had to say.

I may be a good person
But I am a horrible citizen
I’m not up-to-date
I scoff at fate
While failing with derision

I must correct this
Need more fact, less fict.
Curiosity killed the cat,
But that won’t be my epitaph

Hungry hearts led me here,
My empty heart won’t disappear.
It stammers, clamors, to understand
The worst and best of man.”


“I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance.”


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