‘Namesakes (Part 1)’ (new poem)

So it’s Veteran’s Day. So I’m going to write about my favorite veterans: My grandfathers. Neither of them are around anymore, and I’m only beginning to understand how much I missed out on by not getting to know them better when I had the chance.

This is going to be a two-part poem. The first part is about my grandfathers. If I had been born a boy, I would be named Joseph Francis, after them.

The second part is going to be about my grandmothers, whom I’m actually named after. I need to do more research before I write that poem. One of my grandmothers died before I was born; the other is 90 years old.

Anyways, here is the poem. I would say enjoy, but I didn’t really enjoy writing it. Had to be done, though.

Namesakes (Part 1)
By Maggie McGinity

Had I been born a boy
With no second X, just Y
I wonder whither way
I would weave my weary life

I can imagine little
Of this life I might have known
I can only say for sure
The names which I would own

My would-be namesakes left
Came back with tales to tell
Of dark days and darker nights
Spent in a foreign hell

My would-be namesakes fought
In my most favorite war
For I can say I know for sure
What they were fighting for

I never heard their stories
Frank died when I was three
Joe took much longer, but I
Never minded my history

Now I mourn the wisdom of warrior’s minds
The first-hand queries and costs
What a shame it took me all this time
To realize all I’ve lost

Those men who, secondhand, gave me life
Who raised my parents dear
What I wouldn’t give for one answer
Just one moment with them here.”

Two Quotes:

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”
-John Fitzgerald Kennedy

“It’s one of nature’s way that we often feel closer to distant generations than to the generation immediately preceding us.”
-Igor Stravinsky


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