‘Musician Love (a third above)’ (new poem)

I’ve been musing on harmony lately. Mostly musical harmony, but interpersonal harmony as well. For me, they easily take each other’s place in my mind.

I sang Soprano 1 in choir most of my life. Soprano 1’s sing the highest notes or the melody, which are usually the same thing. This year, I’m singing Soprano 2 in Cantamus women’s choir at ISU in 3- and 4-part divided choir, Soprano 3 in 5-part choir, and Alto 1 in 6-part choir. This means I’ve been learning a lot of harmony recently where I’ve never had to sing harmony before.

It’s hard, and occasionally I find myself slipping into the Soprano 1 parts, but I feel I’m growing as a musician, and I’m definitely getting better at hearing and understanding harmonies. I’m also getting better at listening.

I have to miss choir rehearsal on Friday, and before I do this, I must sing all my music memorized for our director. I’m worried about this, and therefore my thoughts often return to my choral tasks. These thoughts led directly to this poem. Enjoy!

Musician Love (a third above)
By Maggie McGinity

Harmony is hard.
Bending your voice to someone else’s.
Singing a strain which doesn’t quite
Make sense all on its own.

But it’s all I know.
So all my days I’ll sing these notes,
(A third above, a third below,)
Listening for a melody to match
The music of my soul.”

Two quotes today!

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”
-Victor Hugo

“Some people have lives; some people have music.”
-John Green


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