Dehydrated/ ‘Draining’ (new poem)

So I have a cold/sore throat. The sore throat is the worst of it. It’s really particular. It won’t let me drink water.

That ice water looks really good, right? Not to my throat. Water burns it. I’m getting really dehydrated because I won’t drink anything. I know this because I’ve gotten two nosebleeds in the last 24 hours. I’m combating one with small pieces of tissue and head tilting right now.

I’m drinking some sweet lemon tea at the moment. It’s a bit sweet for my taste, but it’s helping. Anyways, being sick now reminded me of another time I was sick, and I wrote a poem about it. Enjoy!

By Maggie McGinity

Sore throat
Sore head
Shivering in my bed
Curled in on myself
I won’t reach out for help

Sore hands
Sore feet
No time to retreat
You do everything you can
They expect you to keep standing

Not down
Do not rest upon the ground
They all lean on you
But you
Cannot lean on them

Heavy weight
Hard to think
Need some down time
Need a drink
Sore throat stings
With every sip
Sore throat sings
But still you slip

Now you’re crawling
Up the walls
No one will catch you
When you fall
Back in time
But not into place
Fickle, fallen
Friendly face

Sore throat
Sore head
Sleepless in my bed
Curled in on myself
There’s no one here to help

So many regrets
Can’t change the moments
To lighten your struggle and strife
So my feet will stay cold
My healing on hold
As the heat drains out of my life”

Quote about sickness:

“Love alleviates you the moment you become too sick with it. Live to love, even if you don’t outlive the experience.”
-Benson Bruno


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