Expansion of Challenge/ ‘There is a Day (Strange Hope)’ (new poem)

So as some of you may have noticed, my two-week poem-a-day challenge actually ended a week ago. Despite this, I’ve continued to post a new poem every day, and today will be no different.

To accomodate this, I’ve decided to expand this challenge to a whole month of new poems every day.

After this challenge is over, I’ll institute a new challenge. Not sure what it will be yet, but I’m excited.

I also really like this excited picture. Anyways, today’s poem is a three-part poem about a three-month period of my life. I think about the number 3 a lot. They say it’s a magic number.

They being Schoolhouse Rock, anyways. I really hope you like this poem; it took me a while to write, much longer than three months, and brought with its creation a startling realization. Enjoy!

There is a Day(Strange Hope)
By Maggie McGinity

I. There was a day
Before we knew what May
Would mean
Before June became the coldest month
Summer would ever bring

Our separation lay behind
Before us, little time
But so much more
Than we’d ever had before

There were hours to be wasted
To be taunted
To be tasted.
There were days and nights and faces
Yours and mine
The rest, just traces.

There were pillows, there were sheets.
They were soft and they were sweet.
There were floors on which to sleep
And promises to keep
And stranger things than these
Made perfect sense to me
For you asked me to believe:

I could let you leave
Because you would come back
Strange and soft and sweet
And in tact.

II. There is a day

I never wanted to see my name
On an envelope that thin.
That letter stripped
Away everything.
Your barebone facts and feelings
Left me reeling.
“Not meant to be”?
But I shape my own destiny.

It doesn’t matter now.
You’re a thousand miles away.
How could I fix this? How?
There’s nothing I can say
To make you change your mind.

Flash forward four months
And I’m still waiting.
Haunted, hurt, and
Delving and
Parting and

You are back
In my life
But only a fraction
Of what feels right.
I bite my tongue
Every time
We say hello
Just to say goodbye.

My four-letter words are felt in vain
Love and hope and Hell are the same.
The seconds drag, the hours wane;
but still strange hope remains.

III. There will be a day
When this makes perfect sense to me
But until then:
And misery
Are the same.”

And quote:

“No work or love will flourish out of guilt, fear, or hollowness of heart, just as no valid plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for living now.”
-Alan Watts

And lyrics:

“I bet you think I either moved on or hate you
Cuz each time you reach out there’s no reply
I bet it never ever occurred to you that I can’t say hello to you
And risk another goodbye”
-“I Almost Do” by Taylor Swift


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