‘Daydream at Night (For the best.)’ (new poem)

Insomnia’s a tricky business. Tuesday it struck me. It took me about a half hour to fall asleep; I found myself making up fictional scenarios in my head, but not actually sleeping or dreaming. I was completely conscious, and rarely am I able to make the conscious decision to become unconscious.


Look at this funny insomnia graphic I found! Anyways, Tuesday morning I got up around 7:30 a.m. for a specific purpose, and was told at 8 a.m. that purpose was no longer happening. So I ate some toast and tried to take a nap on the couch before my 1 p.m. dentist appointment. 40 minutes of thinking later I was still awake, even though I hadn’t opened my eyes.

Worried minds want for sleep, and my mind writes a poem about it. Enjoy!

“Daydream at Night (For the best.)
By Maggie McGinity

Under covers
I never sleep
Worry and wonder
Ignoring sheep

Rapid eye movements
Elude my eyes
Instead, I daydream
At night

Scenarios and scenes
Which might bring you back
Limber and lean
Longing for attack

I will not learn
This brave new world
I toss and turn
New lonely girl

I miss the mess
But not the man
You never stressed
Just who I am

Who you’ve become
I couldn’t guess
I simply pray it’s
For the best.”


“But how could I forgive you? / You’ve changed / And I’m a liar by your side / I’m about to lose my mind”
-“The Change” by Evanescence


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