Transitional Translation/ ‘Toujours’

Where I am, it’s currently November 30, the last day of National Blog Posting Month. However, where WordPress is based out of, it’s currently December 1. So this is the last of my daily posts for a while, and the last of the daily poems for awhile, if you count what I’m about to post as a poem.

In high school I took two years of French during my freshman and junior years respectively. In my second year, I learned a little bit of future tense. I learned how to say “I’m going to” (“Je vais”). I’d had the song “Always” by Irving Berlin stuck in my head for a while.



I took it upon myself to translate the English words in this song into French. I’m embarrassed by singing love songs, but less so when the love song is in another language. Below is the result of my translation. Enjoy!

By Irving Berlin
Trans. by Maggie McGinity

“Je vais t’adore, toujours,
Avec un amour est vrai toujours.
Quand tes projets ont besoin d’aide,
Je vais comprendre, toujours, toujours.

Les jours ne sont pas juste toujours,
Mais quand je vais être là, toujours.
Pas seulement pour une heure,
Pas seulement pour un jour,
Pas seulement pour un an,
Mais toujours.”

More lyrics:

“But I just go on thinking and sweating
And cursing and crying
And turning and reaching
And waking and dying
And no, not a day goes by
Not a blessed day
But you’re still somehow part of my life
And you won’t go away
So there’s hell to pay”
-“Not a Day Goes By” from “Merrily We Roll Along” by Stephen Sondheim


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