‘Soldier On'(new poem)

Here’s my weekly post, right under the WordPress-is-not-in-my-time-zone wire. I wrote it a couple of days ago. The title is ironic, but not in a way which most of you can yet understand, unless you know more of my life than I’ve let on in this blog. Anyways, enjoy!

Soldier On
By Maggie McGinity

I fall in love with a void,
I hold an empty space.
Only the air taunts and toys.
Say “Good night” to an imaginary face.

In sleep, my hand reaches out
To join with fingers none.
In dreams, I do not go without,
But am broken by the sun.

Before waking, memory imparts
A weight upon my chest,
A heart beating close to my heart,
Perfect, peaceful, poised in rest.

I wake unto the starkness
Of a lonesome, loathsome dawn.
None remains here but my darkness.
I am left to soldier on.”

“But when the weather changed,
Like fine print, you were hard to read.
Blind-folded, eyes wide open,
Staring through me.”
-“Rumored Nights” by The Academy Is…


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