‘Handsome Devil’ (new poem)

It’s still Saturday where I am. Soon I’ll be able to not start my posts by dismissing how late they are.

Anyways, so many wonderful things have been happening in my life, and they’ve all been happening at once, so I haven’t had time to blog. I have written a few poems, though, and I’m sharing one now. Enjoy!

Handsome Devil
By Maggie McGinity

Speak of the devil,
And he will appear.
Think of the devil,
And he will appear.
Run from the devil,
But he’s always near.
Smile at the devil,
But eyes show the fear.

Laugh at the devil,
But he knows it’s false.
Walk past the devil,
Careful as a waltz.
Talk to the devil;
Tell no truth at all,
‘Cause Lord knows, this devil,
He could make me fall.

But he’s not my devil,
No, he’s not my sin.
It is not my life
Which he’s now squatting in.
Oh Lord help, this devil,
I can’t let him win.
I’ll hold onto hate and
Never love(him) again.”


“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems to make man a more clever devil.”
-C.S. Lewis


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