‘One Shot’ (new poem)

Freaking. Ooooooooooout.

“One Shot

By Maggie McGinity


I knew today would be crazy.

I should have prepared more.
But somehow the future got hazy,
Like the dark behind a door


I should have got some  rest
Instead I got espresso
Now the beating in my breast 
Won’t let the stress go
I am alpha and omega on this stage
I just came here to play
But tonight people are coming
My heartstrings are thrumming
The second hand drumming away
Hide your books, cast.
This is your last
Dress rehearsal
No role reversal 
Let the lines fly where they may
Just hope you’ll be ok
I am terrified 
That who I am inside
Will show instead of her.
She is memorized;
She is someone’s prize;
She, too, is unsure.
Certainty has never suited me.
In this way, she’s good company.
We’ve both got one shot
To make it work or watch it rot.
She’s all I’ve got.”
No time for quotes now, but soon. I hate WordPress on mobile.

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