‘Rumor’ (new poem)

A lot of people can’t wait to be done with school, whatever level of education, to be done with homework and tests. However, the more I venture out into the real world, the more I realize that it requires just as much research, if not more, than any paper, and that at least in school, you have the luxury of knowing when you will be tested.

But as I’ve grown complacent in secondary education, I suppose it makes sense that the world would now demand a more thorough investigation.
By Maggie McGinity 
Readily should I accept these words,
Utterly horrified by what I’ve heard?
My ideals lie where I heard the news;
Orange rhyming makes more sense than what some people do.
Ransomed recovery for this bitter truth.”
“I know the truth, and it mocks me.
I know the truth, and it shocks me.
I learned it a little too late.”
-“I know the truth,” from Aida

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