‘Perfect Powder Keg’ (new poem)

I asked my roommate Sarah what I should write today’s poem about. She replied, “Eggs.” So I did.



Perfect Powder Keg
By Maggie McGinity

I can bake pizza
I can scramble eggs
I have lovely feet
But lovelier legs
Looking for a love?
Bargain, borrow, beg.
Just know one good shove
Lights this powder keg.

I was once half-made.
I was not alone.
I half-lived some days
Five decades ago.
I was of her soul
Long before her birth.
I will weep the way
She departs this earth.

I feel them often.
Often, they are lost.
My cautious anthem
Causes quite a cost.
But the chosen few
Will become my pearls.
From merely one, two,
I’ll give them the world.

Pizza, I can bake.
Scrambled, I cook eggs.
But I’ve yet to make
Armaments and legs.
Longing for these loves,
I refuse to beg:
Preservation of
My perfect powder kegs.”


“The beauty of a frittata is that it can be made with any ingredient.”
-Mike Pomeroy, “Morning Glory”

“Concentrate your energies, your thoughts and your capital. The wise man puts all his eggs in one basket and watches the basket.”
-Andrew Carnegie


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