‘The Watchman’ (new poem)

I got a subject again, this time from my brother Sean, but I don’t wish to reveal it. It should make itself fairly clear, fairly present, as it always does.

You’ll figure it out. I’ll figure it out. In the meantime, I’ll wish I could stare at these:



Enjoy the poetry!

“The Watchman
By Maggie McGinity

I held it in my hand
I knew it for Ravel.
It ticked within his head.
Through his songs it traveled.

I held it in my hand.
I saw it had a chain.
I wondered who it clung to,
Where it would never catch again.

A long, long time ago
I thought that I would quest
For a piece for show
The one which I deemed best

I hoped that, long before,
It sat  within pocket(s),
Through (one of) the years or tours
Of horror and regret(s)

I’d hunt for months and months
I’d find (an) authentic one
Would be more than enough
The greatest granting done

But those grains of sand ran out
(In my opinion) Too soon.
Nothing left to buy about
For December, since June.

I held it in my hand.
I saw it had not stirred.
I wondered if it, too,
Was waiting on a word.

I held it in my hand.
This tracker out of time.
Wondered if you’d become
Just like it, down the line.

I held it, shine and still,
This sad machinery,
Wondered what a watchman will
Do when he cannot see.”


“I can hear the clock ticking, but I can never find the time.”
-JJ Sereday

“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door. ”
-Coco Chanel

“Time is the longest distance between two places.”
-“The Glass Menagerie,” by Tennessee Williams


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