‘Timeless Tradition’ (new poem)

One, two, three, four. Tell me that you love me more.

Special shoutout to Dana for the subject of this poem.

Have you ever noticed that tragedy always worms its way into masterpieces, in some way? That happened to me tonight at a concert. Grouplove is awesome live. Drunk people are not. Prepare for confusion.

Timeless Tradition
By Maggie McGinity

Very, very, very, very, very, very, very
Excited, and extremely
Some days we wait whole years for.
Here it is. Here at last. Finally.
Everyone’s best excuse for the wasted use of wasted youth

Everything you could search for is here.
Indie rock.
Steady pop.
Hippie bitches.
Electric wishes,
And an appearance by a big-stage karaoke machine.

Verily, yea verily,
I’ll not forget.
Some days we wait whole years for
Have to end in regret.
Emergency, emergency, becomes standard somehow.
Ambulance, a straitjacket. I hope (s)he’s safer now.”


“Don’t take me tongue tied.
Don’t wave no goodbyes.”
-“Tongue Tied,” by Grouplove

“Oh, knock that down, leave the ground and find some space
And tell your friends, friends,
You’ll be back again, gain
Before it’s too late.”
-“Colours,” by Grouplove


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