‘We Speak of Wolves'(new poem)

“We Speak of Wolves
By Maggie McGinity

Pack leader.
Attack, or heed her

Words to the wise?
I wouldn’t wish wisdom upon
My worst enemy.
Well, I would,
But only for my weight in weary.

Were that all her wolves would
Go away
Pray, pray, day by day
To slip, to duck, to roll
Out from under the alpha’s control

And a terribly small pack, at that
All the harder to pull a
Disappearing act
And oh, how she longs to vanish
And fade
They’d never notice if she slipped away

Ah, they.
Outside of the plural
Even when she claimed part of two
She was never a part of you

The world she carries inside
Will never be alive
Nor could anyone wish it to be
But its funny.
Getting out
Doesn’t feel all that free to me

Hunted, haunted, around every corner
Waiting for the world to mourn her
Waiting for another wolf
To carry her away
For, Lord knows,
Only wrong worlds
Will stay.”

Quotes:“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.”
-Sam Keen
“Homo homini lupus est.”


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