‘Hap’s Hazard'(new poem)

Hap’s Hazard
By Maggie McGinity

There is not enough of me
For all the me’s there are supposed to be.

My throat burns and stings
Because I had to sing,
Let my voice ring,
Join the multitude and bring
Up the house.

This pointless suffering
I’m no closer to the things
I truly want.
This haphazard hunt.
I can barely swallow
The fell-by-the-wayside tasks I must follow.

And there is no time
No time for making things better
Barely any for getting things done
And the list runs on and on

There will never be a day
When I have nothing to do
Until my life is through
And even then,
The uncrossed items
Will stay upon the page
Fruitlessly laying in wait.

Oh, but for a brief reprieve
An out-of-body or a leave
Of absence
Just my presence
To not be needed fifty places at once.
This isn’t what I want.
I can barely eat or breathe.


““Those who are wise won’t be busy, and those who are too busy can’t be wise.”
-“The Importance of Living,” by Lin Yutang


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