‘(Back to) My Ocean Blue’ (new poem)

I wrote this poem while I was falling asleep. It refused to let me sleep until I wrote it down.

At first it was about reading. Now it could be about anything. Enjoy!

(Back to) My Ocean Blue
By Maggie McGinity

I got swept away with the tide
Left beached inside
These sparkling grains of white

The waves laping over my skin
This sand nuzzling up to my chin
Wishing for a flipper or fin

To stir me from this place
This shallow, soggy pace
I’d drown in so little sentient space

But don’t follow to fall
I’ll gather up my all
And to my deep blue crawl

Back to my ocean blue
Back to my ocean true
Back to the depths and darks
And dreary, draining dreams of you

For water is like peace
And waving is like sleep
Letting go of something you
Were never meant to keep

For bottomless and bold
I want my story told
Foraging for gold
In the unknown

And though these lemon lessons
May my populace lesson,
These groans are worth the pain
In which I’ve grown.”


“The problem with introspection is that it has no end.”
-Philip K. Dick

“How shall I ever learn who I am when there is so much of me that belongs to someone else?”
-“The Lune and the Poppet,” by Madeleine Claire Franklin


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