‘Unto You’ (new scholarship poem)

Hi! I just entered a poetry scholarship contest and I wanted to share.

I had to submit an original poem, not something I’ve already written(on here or anywhere), but since I already submitted it there first I’m sure there’s no problem posting it here!

By the way, I’m sorry I haven’t elaborated on my problem mentioned in my Interest post. It’s kind of taken over again, but I’m getting it to a manageable status again.

Anyways, here’s my scholarship entry poem. I hope you enjoy!

Unto You
By Maggie McGinity

The meter lost its rhythm.
The motions lost their notes.
The boy who took my voice away,
All he left was what he wrote.

Looping pen on paper
Was how he let me in.
On my way out of his heart,
Words were where I knew to begin.

I put them up on screens,
I sent them down the line.
When they glowed, I dreamed;
Failed, I hardly called them mine.

Now the words I could not say to him
(For his ears were a thousand miles away)
Shape and spark
Within my dim heart,
Are born unto you (or whomever they choose) today.”


“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”


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