‘Under the Wire’ (new poem)

Poem inspired by this book:


Self-aware poetry about a nightmare that’ll never happen to me.

Under the Wire
By Maggie McGinity

I’m sorry, darling.
They told me there was time
For all the things this world believes I should make mine.
All the places I should find.
All the mountains I should climb.
Success and signatures upon the dotted lines.

But before that, fun:
You’re only once, and once you’re young
And free and on your own,
No restricting roots, hampering homes,
No rules and regulations,
Take tiny ties, short occupations,
Easy street, decade vacation;
Don’t worry
You can grow up when you wake up.

But not all clocks come with alarms,
And ignorance has its own harms,
And holding nothing in your arms,
Slowly goes its lurid charm.

And running after nothing,
Told it’s what you should do,
Leaves most lost and wanting,
And me here, without you.”


“There is a reason God limits man’s days.” 
― Mitch AlbomThe Time Keeper

“Knowing something and understanding it were not the same thing.” 
― Mitch AlbomThe Time Keeper 

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