‘Young the Promise’ + ‘Dear World’ + ‘Level’: new poems

I’m taking February back.

I’m going to flood this world with words and music.

I’m going to show every story and every side and every song of love that I have.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have a singing voice right now. I’m sick and my sore throat is preventing my plans for at least the next few days. I wrote a song yesterday, but you won’t get to hear it for awhile, but hopefully within the next few weeks, along with many other original songs and possibly a few covers.

Anyways. I cannot sing, I cannot speak, but I can write.

Young the Promise
By Maggie McGinity

Young blood rushes
Over expectations
Under regulations
Rushing towards what it believes will bring it

The only way it thinks it knows
Hither and thither it goes
Expecting more than falls, frustrations

Promises and compromises
Rarely wish to cooperate
Or commiserate
But they are two sides of the same plate. Too
Everyone sees how little choice in the choices they

Dear World
By Maggie McGinity

We’re not going to give you a clue
Or a cue.
If your point of view
Is ignorance is bliss,
Then darling,
You’re never going to know what you’ve missed.

The trouble with maybe
Is that it can never manufacture
An actual reality.
Questions are crazy
But yes or no
Is so much more info
Than a hazy, dazey, waiting

Knowledge is power
Words can blossom and flower
Pain can prick and scandal
Try to keep a handle
How’s as important as why
You make or break your own life
And this tiny, possibly inconsequential moment?
You decide how and when and where it’s spent

Let me put it simply, and in rhyme:
Dear world,
(all and every one of you)
If you’ve been wanting to fall in love with me,
(or anyone else you deem worthy)
Now would be a good time.”

By Maggie McGinity

I can’t imagine a question you could ask
To which I would not say yes
Except maybe for killing someone
I’m don’t think we’re quite on that level yet
But for everything else, it’s a pretty safe bet
I’d say yes.”


“If there’s anything that you want
If there’s anything I can do
Just call on me and I’ll send it along
With love from me to you”
-“From Me to You,” by The Beatles

“Art is the highest form of art.”
-Gerhard Richter


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