‘Consolation’ (new poem)

Monday has been exhausting. Start was terrible and ending is terrible and everything in between is wonderful. I don’t understand. I really need to



but it’s difficult. So I wrote a poem. This isn’t the big one I talked about last week, that project is taking way longer than anticipated, but this one does have an original art piece with it, and I think it’s pretty cool. Enjoy!

By Maggie McGinity

The dark and stormy places of my soul
Long for the control
And consolation
Your presence brings me.





It’s hard to read, but the original models I cut out were designed by CosmicFalcon-70, and copyrighted March 2012. Since I’m giving credit, I think I’m ok? I don’t really have a thorough understanding of copyright laws anyways, but since I doubt CosmicFalcon-70 is a legal name, I think it’ll all work out.


“He in his madness prays for storms, and dreams that storms will bring him peace”
-“The Death of Ivan Ilych” by Leo Tolstoy



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