NaPoWriMo #16: ‘Useless Tuesday, Fruitful Wednesnight’

I got 10 new followers today, and I’m so excited!!!!

This should have been one of the main focuses of my day, but alas, it was not. I’ve been very distracted lately, but not entirely of my own fault. Anyways, playing the flute and then eating free pie with some wonderful people can cure all manner of ills.


Useless Tuesday, Fruitful Wednesnight
By Maggie McGinity

And now I’m panicking
‘Cause the words aren’t flowing
Funny how work’s slow-going
When there’s nothing

‘Slow down today’
I foolishly wished
Allowed Fate to say,
‘Well, if you insist’

Turtle early afternoon
Tortured two o’clock
By three in abject misery
At four, I took a walk
In five, I tried to look away
In six, stared straight ahead
After eight I got to play
Around nine, got the news I dread

And I’m fine now
‘Cause there’s time now
And caffeine and laughing scenes
And really, I would like some nights
To just sit alone and feel alright
Make music within my own means

There are books and looks
And so much planning
Tests to prep
And schools for banning
And time just to exist
With all that I have missed
Maybe I’ll just catch up on all my sleep
And for this wanton want, never weep”


“I took a walk around the world
To ease my troubled mind
I left my body lying somewhere
In the sands of time
But I watched the world float
To the dark side of the moon

I feel there is nothing I can do”
-“Kryptonite” by 3 Doors Down

“What a waste of time, the thought crossed my mind 
But I never missed a beat 
Can’t explain the who or what I was 
Trying to believe
What would you do? 
What would you do? 
Do you know? 
I once had a grip on everything 
It feels better to let go 

I’m not over 
I’m not over you just yet
Cannot hide it 
You’re not that easy to forget 
I’m not over”
-“I’m Not Over” by Carolina Liar



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