NaPoWriMo #18: ‘On a Plane’

So I’m in New York now. I can’t tell if I love this or hate this.


On a Plane

On a plane
Anything can be a poem

There is a place
Where the land meets the sky
And my eyes
Cannot tell if the shapes that I see
Are fields
Or hazy clouds serene
The horizon is white
Fading to blue
I feel the in between space
I am there too

In my hands, a circle of amber liquid
Red and gold, yellow and brown
It tastes like home
It calms me down
But oh, my jaw feels weighted
My head remembers it can spin
This affectation was anticipated
But pills can’t fight the will within

Maybe I should sleep?
It’s funny how often these things happen to me
Really, I should live in the positive
For what my mind thinks on, time gives
Maybe she was right?
But I can’t reach her on a flight
I wish they would turn that light off
This flight’s not, but life’s nonstop”


“There will be a bird today. It will be white with streaks of gold like a crown atop its head. It will fly.”
-Tahereh Mafi


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