NaPoWriMo #29: ‘Tangled, 2 a.m.’

I’ve heard that mornings are a good time for posting, but they’re not a great time for me. It took two shots of espresso before I felt like I wasn’t going to fall asleep walking around. Dead Week. Weeeeeeeeee.


I’m hopeful to get a nap today, and return to being this girl. It’s unlikely until tomorrow, though hopefully right at the start of tomorrow. Anyways, yet another poem on one of my favorite subjects. Enjoy!

Tangled, 2 a.m.
By Maggie McGinity

Wild title
For timid topic
The girl lying on the bed
Brambles and shambles
Of hairsprayed rambles
Gather at her head

Absent from the mess
She left in her wake
Though she is not awake
And no one could shake
Her from this place

Papers and paste
Some gone to waste
Others assembled with little haste
And now it has grown quite late

She will sleep briefly
Her hands leafing
Through her hair
And she will not care
There is no one there

Lips and hands absorbing
Moisture for the morning
Brain spilling out
Fears and joys and doubts

She is the sorest creature
Exhaustion her defining feature
But now, and briefly,
She will sleepily
Go where none can reach her.

Tangled up, she knows no one will see
Arms and legs and feet and misery
But happy is the head who rests her crown
So now, somehow, she lays her down

In the darkness, none may hear a peep.
In the darkness, none may see her sleep.”


“We’re taking this easy (we’re taking this easy)
‘Cause darling that’s what dreams are made of
This story is probably made up

So why don’t you go back to sleep?
(Just like you never could)
Why don’t you dream about me?
(Just like you always should)
‘Cause I’m the reason you’re alone now
Quit blaming everything on your hometown
Why would you say that?”
– “12 Through 15” by Mayday Parade

“I am so tired – so tired of being whirled on through all these phases of my life, in which nothing abides by me, no creature, no place; it is like the circle in which the victims of earthly passion eddy continually.” 
-“North and South” by Elizabeth Gaskell


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