New Project: Maggie’s Pick

Some songs make me irrationally excited and happy to be alive. We meet each other and they stop me in my tracks, catch me off my guard, and remind me why I’m in the business of making music in the first place. I’m also always very grateful when I discover a song that is new to me, but has been in existence for years or even decades. I think it’s ridiculous to only value brand new music, to only value the music that makes it onto the radio, and/or to only value music that’s the same age as you or on the same point in its path as you are (though ‘92 did put out some fantastic music).

There’s so much more out there, and that’s why I’m starting my Maggie’s Pick project. As a former album reviewer/concert reporter and long-time lover/collector of the art form of recorded music, I’m hoping to expand people’s musical horizons, one single (or, if I’m feeling ambitious, album) at a time. Every day for the foreseeable future(at least through August), I will be choosing a song by an artist who is not myself (I do write/record original music, but that’s a different project) to share each day. I’ll be posting YouTube links, possibly places to purchase these songs, and a little commentary about each one. Each of my picks captures my attention and enthusiasm either through creativity of music and/or lyrics, craft of construction, and/or resonance with my own life ,experiences and beliefs.

Thanks for reading! I hope you listen in every once in a little while :).


“You don’t have to drink right now
But you can dip your feet
Every once in a little while”
– “When You Were Young” by The Killers


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