Maggie’s Pick 6.24.14: ‘Apology’ by Safetysuit

This song must be shared first because it is the song which first inspired me to begin this project.

I’ve recently started shuffling my Pandora stations, excluding a few(Christmas). It’s now rare that I get new songs, especially since I have a few sets of very similar stations (Summer Hits of the 90s, 90s Pop, 90s Grunge/Alternative).

This song came on and completely distracted me from everything I was doing. From the a capella opening to the simple confessional lyrics, this song got caught in my head in a hurry.

It also reminded me that I need to re-explore Safetysuit’s catalog in general. This song is very much in the style of a lot of music I listened to in the latter half of my high school years.


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