Maggie’s Pick 7.23.14: ‘Born to Run’ by Bruce Springsteen

So I got new tennis shoes this week, to replace my old ones that fell apart. In searching the Internet for an identical pair of my old shoes (found one, wearing ’em now), I discovered they were actually running shoes.

Yesterday, when I was speed-walking from my lunch break back to work, I was moving much faster than I had before this week. My feet felt so light and skilled and aerodynamic in my new shoes, and I thought to myself that these shoes were “Born to Run.” Bad pun, I know, but I did decide to go running this morning because of it. Only 4 minutes of running, but I did intervals of running and a lot of walking.

Also, I have deep emotional ties to this song and a few other Springsteen classics. My parents LOVE the Boss, I think they’ve been to 10 or more of his concerts, and 4 of those were within an 18-month period. I’ve heard a lot of Springsteen growing up.


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