Maggie’s Pick 9.7.2014: ‘Hey Jealousy’ by The Gin Blossoms

Again we’re gonna do that thing where we post a Pick and we share a poem kind of related to the Pick. I speak in the royal we.

This song has been stuck in my head for like a week, even though I don’t know all the lyrics and keep mixing them up. I also don’t really know what all of it is about. Why are they driving around town? Why are the cops chasing them? Will they be sober enough to drive by then? So many questions.

The music video is weird. It’s very late 80s, which is a weird sort of transitional period. This song came out in 1989, which is a year of influence in my life (even though I wasn’t born till ’92, don’t worry, it makes sense).

“And you can trust me not to think
And not to sleep around
If you don’t expect too much from me
You might not be let down”

Such wonderfully self-promoting lyrics.


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