New Poem: “The Electric Blues” by Maggie McGinity

It’s funny what a change of scenery, a burst of anger, and a different sort of day can do. At least creatively. I started this poem almost a week ago, and I was looking for a twinning sort of post to do with it, but I think it stands on its own. Enjoy!

The Electric Blues
By Maggie McGinity

I’ve got the electric blues
I’m wearin’ my true colors on my shoes
And no one knows
Where this mind goes
Where it’s wanderin’ to

The secrets I keep
Run their course deep
Smoothing the edges of memory

As bad bruises fade
The good, too, decay.
My mind and heart are empty.

I can’t remember
May or December
Anything outside this bubble

I can’t recall
Printemps or Fall
What it feels like to be in trouble

It’s like I’ve changed from the inside out
No one looks at me with doubt
No one look at me at all
No secret sign, no midnight call

Pudding proof against those who think they’ve got it bad
I’ll wear these years like a sore-earned badge
Like they somehow matter in the grand scheme of things
Some cosmic gold or silver awaits my suffering

They tell me what my heart should feel
They tell me things which are not real
Then expect me to squee and squeal
As if my glee was theirs to steal

I cannot stand this empty box
With secret doors and keyless locks
I miss the long-time, late-night talks
Not feeling like a stepping block

The worst part, as the cold snaps in
I am just where I’ve always been
Forced to absorb all that they’ve got
How can I be anything but what I’m not?”


“It was so easy and the words so sweet.
You can’t remember; you try to move your feet.”
-“Eet” by Regina Spektor

And basically all the lyrics to this song:


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