Maggie’s Pick 9.16.2014: “The Silence” by Mayday Parade

I have so much love in my heart for this song. When I first heard it, I was very shocked, because it seemed Mayday Parade knew my life.

Am I posting too much Mayday Parade? Yes. Do I care? N’au moment, mes amis.

Anyways. This song came out in 2009, and I think I first heard it at the start of my freshman year (college) and it was exactly how I felt about my senior year (high school). I’ll have three senior years total, one in high school, one in college last year, and one that I’m in right now. I’m really hoping third time’s the charm, senior year-wise.

This music video is very Ottumwa. There’s a hot air balloon in it.

Very hot air balloon.

Lyric Art of The Silence by Mayday Parade

The lyrics on pictures are very 2009. I think the gifs are more recent, but they’re very entertaining to just stare at.


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