Maggie’s Pick 9.17.2014: “Red Light Pledge” by Silverstein

In every failed relationship, there are things left behind. While I wasn’t willing to leave behind my Harry Potter books (way too valuable), I was left with much mysteriously acquired music on my old laptop. Eventually I got around to listening to it. This was one of the few good finds.

This song doesn’t necessarily fit into this week’s theme. I’ve lived bits and pieces of it sporadically, but I’m not sure what the “red light” is in my life, and what I’m waiting for. Waiting is a big thing in my life, though.

“Promise me you will be there
Until the red light will change.
I would wait forever.
Promise me you will stay here
Until the darkness will fade,
I’d wait for you.”

Acoustic first, because it’s better.

And original, which has screamo. Which, yes, I listen to sometimes, something a lot of people probably don’t realize about me.


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