New Poem: “Bad Reception (The Fuzzy Poem)” by Maggie McGinity

Warm fuzzies. Gray fuzzies. Fuzzy gray. Foggy. Confused.

Not so much anymore, but things written at 3 AM must be shared. Enjoy!

Bad Reception (The Fuzzy Poem)
By Maggie McGinity

I’m scavenging the Internet
But I won’t find it there

The answer isn’t where

The answer isn’t here yet

Tell me quick, and tell me now

What and where and why and how
This moment finally arrived
I’m scared, and scarred, and I’ve survived

I don’t understand this newfound glory
The sudden twist in the same old story
How can I reconcile what you’ve just said?

Your old words and new words wage war in my head

And I sensed it coming

But I couldn’t trust
That my heart’s hope wasn’t a bubble
About to go bust

Nothing made sense

For all that time

And now, I guess,


I can call mine

I need a clearer picture

Of who I’m supposed to be
No longer the old fixture
But still they think of me
The way I was
The way I am?
My brain is fuzz
My status sham

I should have drawn that moment out
To the length of all I need from you
But instead of stop and sing and shout

I only accomplished the look confused

I am happy, and I am sad.
I am lost, and I am glad.
I am remarkably unchanged,

Yet nothing in this world’s the same.
I am tossed, and I am torn

To throw aside these months forlorn.
Shocked again, and not sure what for,

Am I finally (finally) yours?”


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