Career Fair thoughts

Today’s gonna be kind of a weird day for posts. There will be three: one Pick, one new Original Song, and one stream-of-consciousness thing. Today is the perfect day for three posts, as it is only the third day of this week, and we should try to remember which day it is (Wednesday :P).

So without further ado, here are the things I thought when I went to not one, but two career fairs:

*I feel like a model.
*Am I in a secret race with everyone else who just got off the bus?
*At least I’m not wearing jeans.
*Why am I going to this? I want a doctorate, not a job.
*The line to talk to the one company I want to see here is loooong.
*Run into classmate, compare and contrast PPL 2 PPL fair with Engineering fair.
*Casual opportunity to mention my boyfriend in engineering.
*Take all the info sheets.
*Even though my degrees and experience would fit really well with your tiny company, I want to go to grad school instead of finding a job anywhere.
*Of course you can tell me about how awesome your company is and all the software you use there.
*Yes, I would like the secret bumper sticker that is not out on the table but is apparently available to me.
*Ellen will be pleased.
*On to Fair Dos.
*Be nice to the other career-fair-goers.
*Got the door held open for me
*Still feel like a model
*Swaggy swag, swaggy swag, yeah girl.
*Casual disinterest in all but 4 booths.
*Heels and steep stairs do not a good mix make, but at least I’m not too proud to grip the railing.
*Where am I going?
*There are so many men in suits here
*And I’m going to make eye contact with every one of them
*Keep smiling, find the booth numbers
*Shake hands, ask about specific position I already know exists at your company
*More info sheets!
*Am I special, or do you take everyone’s resume?
*Company 2 – signs falling everywhere
*Grad school, not job
*Of course you can have my resume
*Of course I’ll sign up for your online job seeking database
*Free Pepsi!
*City of Ames swag
*Casually spend two minutes picking out all my favorite kinds of free candy to put in my new free cup
*Ask for free sunglasses – receive
*Wear sunglasses on head while strutting around career fair
*The best way to make this other city alliance want me to work there is by displaying swag from another city
*Casually mention recent trip, major highway, restaurant which in no way represents the people there
*Definitely feel like I’m having an area sold to me now
*Oh you have non-profit arts jobs?
*Done and so successful
*That girl should be wearing pantyhose
*Sorry I took the hand railing section you needed. Yes take the next one, your heels are terrifyingly high
*This was so much more fun than last time
*Put on free sunglasses
*Continue casually strutting to bus stop
*They don’t call me McSwags for nothing.


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