New original song: “Funny, Isn’t It?” by Maggie McGinity

Originally posted on June 16, 2014.

Sometimes you lose track of things and people, and sometimes you’re better for the loss. Also sometimes you don’t realize you’ve actually lost track of these things for awhile, and then when you do it’s kind of amazing, because they no longer have any impact on your life. This song is about June 2012, and June 2014, and all the spaces in between. Enjoy!


Verse 1:
I remember laughing, though I couldn’t say what at
Perhaps a silly gesture or an overvalued hat
I remember most things, but I don’t remember that
Our little joke, funny, isn’t it?

Verse 2:
I remember skipping out and skipping on
I remember reading to the pale light of dawn
And I once knew that joke by heart, but I don’t know where it’s gone
This little loss, funny, isn’t it?

It’s just like all those memories slipping away
It’s funny, it’s not as if I asked them to stay
But watching all our moments fade
It’s strange

Verse 3:
‘Cause I remember laughing, back tracking in that
Irrational decision I don’t know if I’d take back
Somehow I’ve stopped tracking the forks from all our paths
Out this little town, funny, isn’t it?

That little love, funny, wasn’t it?

My little heart, funny, isn’t it?


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