Maggie’s Pick 10.5.2014: “In My Arms” by Plumb

So this is the end of Ottumwa Picks (Ottumwa Pick 3) for now, and the start of a new series of Picks, Variations on a Theme: Home. It’s Homecoming week, and while I can’t get ridiculously cheap food on campus because I have the wonderfully abnormal schedule of a multi-talented music major, I can blog.

So this song, when I first heard it, instantly had me in tears, because I was in the process of losing a couple of mentors(double entendre, they’re married) and with them, one of the first places outside of my house that I felt I could truly call home. Granted, it’s probably actually not a place I should have ever set foot in in the first place, and it brought a lot of misfortune into my life, but it also brought these mentors, and I feel very fortunate to know them, even though I don’t get to see them very often anymore.

I know, kind of weird video, but the anime is sort of fitting, and this was the first video I found that didn’t cut off the ending.

Obviously I had a weird, sort of sibling-ish, sort of parental-ish relationship with these mentors.

Also this, because remix.


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