Maggie’s Pick 10.12.2014: “Look After You” by The Fray

We’re going to keep the Home theme going for a few more days, until the 15th, at which point we are switching gears a bit. Not sure in what direction after the 15th, but I’ll figure it out. The 15th itself is kind of a holiday in Maggieland.

Anyways. This Pick is getting Picked because A. I need a transition to another home song that does not at all at all feel like a Sunday song, so it’s gonna be a Monday song, and B. because of a comment a friend said yesterday.

I was watching a movie with some people last night and afterwards we all talked for a bit. Someone there said that where we were at the time felt a lot more like home than where he actually lives most of the time. Not feeling at home at your actual mailing address is something I myself have been thinking about a lot lately, especially with the Home theme.

I listen to this song a lot when I’m walking around campus, because it’s on a lot of playlists I made on my old iPod Touch that I recently started carrying around again. A lyric towards the end of the song caught my attention and that’s why it’s being Picked.

I think it’s also good to bring forward the idea of “home” not necessarily being a place you rest your head, but possibly a place where you feel a great sense of community, or a place outdoors where you feel very comfortable. It can even be an idea, a person, a song, a book, a movie, an activity. Just wherever/whatever makes you feel most comfortable and most comfortable being yourself.

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to turn into a monologue post. Anyways, the lyrics:

“It’s always have and never hold
You’ve begun to feel like home”


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