Maggie’s Picks 10.13.2014: “Take Me Home Tonight” by Eddie Money (feat. Ronnie Spector) & “Closing Time” by Semisonic

So I thought this going to be a one-Pick kind of day, but then I started singing “Closing Time” in my head this morning, and I realized it had almost exactly the same theme as “Take Me Home Tonight,” and then I knew I had to Pick them both at once. Just what that theme is, I’m sure you can figure out, my assumedly intelligent readership.

These are both songs I can be found singing along to whenever they come on over the radio in my car.

I enjoy this song, but this music video I have to enjoy ironically. Black and white, singing to an empty arena? Soooooo 80s in the most mock-able way. That saxophone, though(should not be played like a guitar).

I like this video, but it frustrates me. Go back into the club and look again, Semisonic lead singer! Have your bandmates told you she’s wearing a very distinctive white jacket? They should, they really should.


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