New Poem: “Indigo Hours Mocking Time” by Maggie McGinity

OK, I know the title is weird. But it kind of makes sense. Kind of. There’s also some beloved double entendre going on here, though you might not catch it.

This poem references another poem I’ve written, “Young the Promise,” which, paired with two others, can be found here.

Thing to remember about my poems: They are generally one moment of pain or passion, encapsulated into a rhyming dramatization. This applies more to the linked poems than this new one, but still.

I haven’t been writing a lot of poems recently, though I did write a really short one I’m going to keep to myself for a bit. I’m kind of excited about this one, just because it means I can still write poetry. Anyways. “Indigo Hours Mocking Time.” Enjoy.

Indigo Hours Mocking Time
By Maggie McGinity

Images, colors, and varying shades
Mimic, and manage, and moments are made

Holding all these thoughts in my head.
Only the lonely, and only the dead.
Looking for answers you’re not likely to see.
Daring and scaring to give me a rise?
If you stare at my eyes, don’t expect to see me.
Nothing is left of my old disguise.
Gone is the girl of three.

My, oh my, oh my, oh mine.
Young the promise, but never thine.

Talk is cheap, but Heaven’s cost
Overthrows what lips have lost.
Nevermind, and never now,
Going, going, gone, somehow.
Under and over, inside and out,
Everything pressing into my pout.”

“You have to, you just have to trust me
Whoever I was then,
I can’t ever be again”
-“Miami” by Taking Back Sunday

“And if you’re always so intently listening
Then the smartest thing to say is to tell myself not to say a thing

Yeah, I gotta keep quiet, quiet, don’t let it all come undone
‘Cause if I dare open my mouth, it’ll just be to bite my tongue
To bite my tongue”
-“Bite My Tongue” by Relient K


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