New Poems: “Owls Havoc Didn’t Hold” & “As I Fall Asleep” by Maggie McGinity

Part 2 of the Twinning Posts/Picks. A couple of poems I’ve been working on for awhile, that must be posted tonight, because it’s Tuesday (Twos’ Day).

These poems both remind me some of my poem “Down Wishing Well,” which is largely built around the line “Wish you well, and well is where you hide.” Anywho. The Twinning Twos’Day poems. Enjoy!

Owls’ Havoc Didn’t Hold
By Maggie McGinity

Open your eyes.
Look for yourself and not for lies.
Draw conclusions, but do not surmise.
Happy is the life uncomplicated,
Always sure and certain, ever-sated.
Bounce back, bring the happiness you’ve found
Into this arena, common crown.
Take deep breaths, for you are not at war.
Stop and remember just what you’re here for.

Darkness comes now, lengthening the tell
I hope you’re staying warm and doing well
Echoes and reverberations of the closing bell 

How do I know if it’s still ringing
And how do I stop this sanctioned singing?
Red the walls and hallways of my heart.
Down the green walls. Tear them apart.”

As I Fall Asleep
By Maggie McGinity

What is this?
What is this silent scheme?
Is this my hidden bliss,
The dream I scarcely dared to dream?

Finding myself too far gone for help,
I wrapped myself in my secret deep.
Whispered these words only to myself,
As I fell asleep.
Now I am awake
But I can’t quite believe
These smiles and these miles take
Their sweet time to reprieve.
Now, it seems, once dreams are made
You can have everything that you want
Just not, it seems, I am afraid,
Just not all at once
Moment for moment, day by day,
I just want this to stick and stay,
Neither scare nor take away
As clocks tick and hours fade
Problems and promises blend and braid
As I run myself out of rhymes
Will I run myself out of time?
Oh no. This was supposed to be a grateful poem.
A happy heart in a happy home.
But you all know, I write, I write alone.
We all have a past,
And we all have a future,
But of this present, at last,
Of this present I am so sure
Finding myself too far gone for help,
I wrap myself in my secret deep.
Whisper these words only to myself,
As I fall asleep.”

Quotes: Basically all of the lyrics to this: And a little bit of this:


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