Maggie’s Pick 11.5.2014: “Afraid” by The Neighbourhood

On Wednesdays, I think of a night class I took on Wednesdays last semester. It was through that class that I was introduced to this photograph and its photographer, and it was through that photograph that I was first introduced to this song. Fair warning, profanity within lyrics, so if that offends you, don’t listen.

Identify and fear and whatnot. Now that this song is on the radio some, I’ve been thinking about it more, though I will say my hipster statement that I knew it before it got there. Great song, but fairly abrasive. I like the bridge, and I think we’re all a little bit afraid of being replaced and/or changing to the point where we no longer know nor like ourselves. I don’t think I’m in any real danger of either of those things, but it’s Wednesday, and so I think about these things.


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