Maggie’s Picks 11.20.2014: “This Is For Real,” “This Love,” & “All The Small Things”

What? Three Picks in one day? What are you doing with your life, Maggie?
I have no idea.
Three Picks? Are you crazy?
Heading there.

So internal dialogues aside, Thursday alliterations are difficult. Thursdays are difficult. Finding and deciding on a Thursday alliteration Pick that I was actually satisfied with was a long (like 3 days, but still) and only recently resolved process, so these Picks should show the natural progression of my thoughts.

First, “This Is For Real” Thursday, featuring “This Is For Real” by Motion City Soundtrack.

Next, “This Love” Thursday, featuring “This Love” by Maroon 5.

Also, why must Maroon 5’s music videos always be at least a scandal-and-a-half? And this is one of the tamer ones o.O Also young Adam Levine, not completely tatted up as he seems to be now.

Possibly the best alliteration (not really sure because none of them are great options), “All The Small Things” Thursday, featuring “All The Small Things” by blink-182.

Actually, my only real concern with Picking three songs was whether or not the whole title of this post would be under 140 characters and fit in a Tweet. And it does, but only sans artists 😦


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