New poem: “Arbitrary” by Maggie McGinity

New poem, because I keep saying I’m going to post this and I’m a woman of my word.

By Maggie McGinity

Ask me what I like
And I’ll tell you a vision from a television show,
Not anything I actually know.

Ask me what I want
What I hound and hunt
And I will give you a list of attributes
Without attribution
A list to long for, look and loot
Without real solutions

Though the fact of the matter is
I know myself better than you,
I don’t always know what to do
Nor can I always see
What will be

Though sometimes visionary
My visions vary
And the trouble with what I imagined
Is it’s imaginary
It cannot carry
The weight of the secrets on my shoulders
The blacklist of the bold and bolder

Is the matter in the moment or the place?
In the finish line of your life’s race?
Or is the matter in the matter that you’ve found?
Far from arbitrarily crowned

Is too scary
To let control my fate
Specifics I desire as of late

The matter is
That everything matters
More than it could
Now more than it should
I’m trying to be good.

It’s so scary
I don’t know when we’ll see
But arbitrary
I will never be.”


Basically this whole song, almost:


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